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The Keys

Prem Rawat, known as Maharaji to many, offers a way to discover peace within called Knowledge.

The Keys is a series of videos for people who want to find out how they can feel personal peace.

Five videos, each one hour in length, called The Keys provide the foundation for four practical techniques that enable a person to turn their attention inside in order to experience the peace that resides there. These techniques are called Knowledge.

Each Key video is a presentation on a particular topic that will help you prepare for Knowledge. Once you have watched the five Keys, you can attend a session where you will be taught the techniques of Knowledge.

"The journey of Knowledge is a journey of self-discovery. For those who wish to make this journey, I offer to help them prepare to learn the techniques of Knowledge, and I provide ongoing inspiration and guidance for a lifetime of enjoyment. What Knowledge makes possible is an enjoyment of life that is independent of circumstances. It is a way to connect to the experience of the self that lies within."

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Ordering The Keys using this website

If you live in Australia click here to order The Keys.

If you need help, you can get assistance by calling The Keys Information Lines:

  • 1300 303 169 (Australia)
  • 0800 233 323 (NZ)
  • 338 2961 (Fiji)

To find out more about The Keys click here.

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